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Ruder Finn Announces the RF Comunicad Collective, a Hispanic network of visionaries committed to help corporations connect their brands to the Latino population to empower this community

Feb 24, 2023
Ruder Finn Announces the RF Comunicad Collective, a Hispanic network of visionaries committed to help corporations connect their brands to the Latino population to empower this community

NEW YORK, 2/27/2023 – The launch of the RF Comunicad Collective (the “Collective”) is the cultivation of RF Comunicad’s 30 years of relationship building with a strategically selected network of Hispanic leaders, influencers, visionaries and representatives of hundreds of national and local organizations that serve the Latino community. These organizations reach Latino audiences successfully through the implementation of initiatives in the U.S. and abroad. The Collective comes together by a commitment to help corporations connect their brands to the growing Latino population in order to empower this community.

The Collective network has been leading community efforts for decades. Now, with this launch, the goal is for the Collective to further collaborate with corporations and each engage their own extensive network to reach Latino audiences quickly and successfully. Among the members of the Collective are Hispanic Federation, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation®, Latinas USA, Centro Fox in Mexico, and aipc pandora in Spain. ​The Collective network experience will assist Ruder Finn in designing intentional culturally competent campaigns and will facilitate open dialogue between the corporate and nonprofit sectors to drive brand value and social impact. It is also meant to create a better understanding of the Hispanic community, its needs and contributions to the U.S. economy while ultimately integrating the Latino community through strategic approaches to DEI, recruitment, and retainment.

“At RF Comunicad, cultural intelligence is the guiding light to create meaningful, targeted initiatives with the knowledge that to build trust, companies need to be intentional in their multicultural efforts. The Collective partners know the importance of having a deep understanding of the Latino community to successfully reach that audience,” said Gloria Rodriguez, President, RF Comunicad.

​By engaging with the Collective, corporations can receive insight and access to the second-largest population in this country, sixty-two million people strong, which per the 2020 census, is still growing. Additionally, according to Pew Research Center, one-in-four Gen Zers are Hispanic, and this generation is projected to become majority nonwhite by 2026. Latinos have more than $2 trillion in purchasing power, and by observing and predicting markets shifts and trends in data, they can better understand this population. With this knowledge, organizations can also prioritize that diversity, equity and inclusion is at the forefront of any corporate strategy, and with RF Comunicad’s proven models, ensure ROI through impactful community and brand revitalization efforts.

About Ruder Finn and its RF Comunicad Practice Group

Ruder Finn is one of the world’s largest independent global communications and creative agencies. Founded in 1948, Ruder Finn has defined and redefined PR for nearly 75 years, shaping communications that help move industry-defining brands, companies and leaders from what’s now to what’s next. Ruder Finn provides clients with bold communications strategies based on a global perspective and localized market knowledge that redefine leadership, reimagine the marketplace, and rethink customer experiences around a shared sense of purpose. The agency is organized around five core areas of expertise—Healthcare, Technology, Commerce, Leadership and Workplace—with RF.Studios and tech incubator RF.TechLab providing cutting-edge predictive analytics, breakthrough creative, and customer-focused digital engagement. Ruder Finn has offices across 3 continents including the U. S., Asia and Europe. The RF Comunicad practice group maximizes traditional, digital, and social media platforms to craft original content that engages global audiences. Its core competencies are in the areas of public relations, public affairs, brand revitalization and digital media. Wholly owned agencies within Ruder Finn Group include Ruder Finn Inc., Osmosis Films, Touchdown, Peppercomm, Comunicad, Mantis, RLA Collective, jacobstahl, RF Bloom, and SPI Group. For more information visit or contact Carmen Marsans, [email protected]


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